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HPR5 set, 5 pairs of slippers

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House and Guest PadsSet -

HPR5 set guest slippers

1 giant slippers with 5 pairs of guest slippers sizes 39 to gr. 45

The giant container has a hanger, which arranges the house slippers and can be hung ready to handle.

€ 6.90 per set,

Minimum acceptance 1 set, with contents of the giant slipper: 1 pair size.38-39, 1 pair Gr. 40-41, 1 pair Gr.42-43, 2 pairs Size 44-45.

Material: Only available in many various fabrics, in many various web types, in many various samples and various designs. Single places can not be delivered.

colors: only available available in many various colors. Single colors can not be delivered.

the giant slippers (giant container) has a suspension of hangers, which can be ordered and hung ready to handle.