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ESSL School Bag Set St24 Dolphin

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School Bag Set: School Bag, Spring Pen (18-piece filled!), Drinking bottle and jausenbox -

School Bag set: School bag, spring pent (18-piece filled!), Bottle and Jausenbox Version: Bärenstark!

  • ergonomically padded back part with ventilation
  • soft-air-trans shoulder straps, wide and comfortable, soft padded and infinitely variable in length
  • edge and soil protection: strong side protective edges and stable floor protection feet
  • 2 Spacious Zip Side Bags
  • 1 spacious pre-zip bag for snack or small parts
  • big main compartment with 2 interior parts
  • 1 Flat Zip Slope Bag inside (for documents or pocket money)
  • on the lid inside: an address window compartment
  • To improve traffic safety on the way to school: a snap lock at the front with a reflector, front on the pre-pitch pocket A large reflector strip, at the large upper lid is on the side of the left, right and front a reflector powder sewn. At the lid front side, another, wider and long reflector strip is sewn sewn.
  • Material: Extra-strong backpack polyester fabric, water repellent
  • weight empty: approx. 1.1kg

    The Seventy-year's ESSL School Bag Revolution

    Until the seventies, it was common for recorder with dark brown leather pockets in landscape format, which were either carried on a single belt or at all in hand. The pocket manufacturer and inventor Georg Essl bothered on this unhealthy carrying and developed the body-friendly "ESSL-Power Light School Bags".

    These ESSL school bags promoted the health of the schoolchildren. You avoid the unilateral load of the school kind because they are built in portrait format and be carried by the schoolchild on the back. The reflectors and colorful colors improve the traffic safety of the school kind at the school path.

    Even the ORF reported on these then innovation in the format "Inventions and Science" - the corresponding contribution was even broadcast several times and provided for a furore.

    The advantages of students associated with the novel schoolbag were so great for the parents, educators, teachers and students, that at that time it led to a "revolution" at the school bag market.

    The light-backpacks then quickly sat down in older students and students - with about 1975 the classic leather bags of light-backpacks were de facto replaced!

    On the occasion of the Viennese inventor's fair 1975, the President of the Austrian Patent Owner and Inventive Association gave Mr. Georg Essl the "Large Medal in Silver".